Engine Repair

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Engine Repair - Our Speciality

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A vehicle is a complex machine with multiple parts to keep it going. At the core of each vehicle is the engine —your vehicle’s heart — which needs to be in tip-top shape to be able to perform the best it can. With such an important component it’s extremely important to be able to perform engine repair correctly, or if need be replaced, it’s done with an engine that is working correctly. That’s why Roering Repair specializes in engine repair to make sure that your vehicle’s heart is nice and healthy.

There are many indications of a “sick” engine.

Some of which include:

Check Engine Light — The most common and easy to identify sign that your engine may need to be checked out is the check engine light on the dashboard. If this lights up, then come on in.

Sounds — This sign is one that can be acknowledged from hearing your engine as it’s running. If you hear a sort of grinding noise then this might be an indication of an engine problem.

Smells — One of the harder signs to recognize about engine trouble is smell. After your engine has been running, signs of trouble include the smell of burning oil, gasoline, or rubber. Any of these could indicate some sort of a leak or malfunction.

Jerky Movements — If you’re driving down the road and your vehicle starts to jerk whenever you accelerate, or it stalls, then you may have any number of engine troubles, which would need to be identified.

Gas Mileage — If you notice a decline in gas mileage for your vehicle, such as you used to get 20 miles per gallon and all of a sudden you’re getting 10, then this is a sign that something is decreasing the efficiency of your engine and needs to be looked at.

If any of these are the case, then bring your vehicle down to Roering Repair where any one of our trained professionals can perform proper engine repair and get your vehicle running as good as new.