Transmission Repair

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Transmission Repair - Keep The Wheels Turning

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Vehicles are like bikes in some aspects. As with a bike, you can’t make the pedals turn the wheels without a bike chain. The same goes for automobiles in the sense that the engine can’t make the wheels turn without the transmission.

To make sure that your wheels keep on turning, it is important to have your transmission repair done properly.

Signs that your transmission may not be working include:

Sounds — When shifting into gear if you hear a sort of grinding or clunking sound, then that may be an indicator that your transmission is not working smoothly.

Shaking or Jumping — After you’ve shifted, if the vehicle shakes or jerks forward, then you may have a problem with the transmission connecting.

Smells — A burning smell may be an indication of a transmission fluid leak, and transmission repair is needed immediately.

Leaking Fluid — If, after you’re stopped and you come back to your vehicle, you notice a pool of fluid underneath your vehicle, then you could have a seal problem and should have it looked at immediately by one of our trained professionals, who can perform the needed transmission repair.

Won’t Shift — If your vehicle refuses to go into gear, then something is wrong with your transmission and it needs to be repaired.

An engine without wheels can’t move, and wheels without an engine can’t spin. The transmission is an integral component in making sure that the two connect and that your vehicle is working properly.

If any of these problems are ones that you have noticed with your vehicle, then come on by to Roering Repair to have one of our staff, professionally trained in transmission repair, make sure that everything is running smoothly, so you can get back on the road!